Omicron not as problematic as Delta variant but still be careful: Doctor


Kolkata: A health expert at a Kolkata hospital said the new COVID-19 strain – Omicron is a highly transmissible but milder version than Delta.

Dr. Rupali Basu, MD & CEO, Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata told ANI, “The third wave of COVID-19 has arrived. There will be an upward curve in the number of cases and then it will gradually go down. The severity of the disease is second Compared to Lehar, it is clinically less severe. So far, we can see that patients recover in five-six days.”

She further added that the symptoms are similar to those of the flu and include fever and weakness. Loss of smell and taste may occur in some patients.

“There will be less hospitalization. Omicron is highly permeable but a milder version. It is not as problematic as the delta version, but we still need to be careful. We do not need to panic, but take precautions and be COVID-appropriate Behavior needs to be followed,” Dr Basu said.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in its COVID-19 bulletin on Friday morning reported that India reported 1,17,100 new COVID-19 cases on the previous day, which is 28.78 per cent higher than the previous day. The deadly virus claimed 302 lives during this period. There are now 3,71,363 active cases of COVID-19 in the country.

So far, 3,007 cases of the Omicron strain of COVID-19 have been reported in India. In the last 24 hours, 377 new cases of Omicron variant have been reported in the country.

First published:January 7, 2022, 10:41 PM

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