Let’s know about the Yoast SEO 11.7 to optimize websites usability, SEO & conversion



Release of the newest Yoast SEO Podcasts version makes people more excited where they can share their favorite podcasts. The prime objective of introducing this is to increase readers’ engagements and to attract more & more visitors from social media. This is also known as Yoast SEO 11.7. Now, it sets to the index by Google. This ensures less talking and more searching.



Podcasts get popular day by day and people want to find it on Google as well and through the podcast applications. 



A few important things that you should know about Yoast SEO 11.7 before using it to wastage of time:


Don’t obsess over green lights.

Don’t stuff keywords in the content to get your lights green. 

Create comprehensive content with 3000+ words, videos, images and so on.


Don’t select keywords blindly. Try to use 3+ word phrases in Google Autocomplete. Then, Google them to check out whether the top search results cover up the topic.

To focus readers attention, it’s important to use the keyword (focus keyword) in the URL, SEO title, page title, meta description. Plus, use the focus keyword in the first paragraph after a few sentences. 

Try to spend time on the research of a keyword and add up contents HTML table to longer posts.


It becomes possible to utilize HTML tags subset! That means you can add up links in the blocks, then Google will show up links in the FAQ or HowTo rich results. 

This feature gives you reasons to click on your content so they won’t stay on Google to read the content. 


A few years ago, there’s a buzz went around the websites that blogging was dead. But, blogs are still alive & kicking today. Even though podcasts will never replace the use of radio, ebooks aren’t replacing the use of printed books. Still, blogs are as relevant as ever! Apart from all of this, you can easily translate podcasts into blog posts.

Podcasts obsession by some coworkers is the reason why podcasts aren’t suddenly indexed by Google. Now, Google indexes podcasts via RSS feeds & displays them in the search results. 


Yoast SEO 11.7 has got bug fixes, usability enhancements and accessibility improvements. With this version, you can get more accurate feedback. Now, the internal linking analysis of web-wide comes with extensive texts explanation. Read the content below to check out Yoast SEO 11.7 enhancements and bug fixes.



Improves modal which is displayed at the time of site-wide internal linking analysis.

Improves feedback messages for internal linking suggestions whenever a text contains famous words but there are no linking suggestions were found. 

Includes a description to the button of site-wide internal linking analysis on the Tools page.


Bug fixes:

Fix up a bug when there are no help buttons would be shown in the preview tabs.

Resolve a bug where the analysis of internal linking wouldn’t stop when the Stop analyzing was clicked.

Troubleshoot a bug where imports of CSV would always fail on the multisite environments.



We didn’t only pay attention to the experience of users but also fixed bugs with the notation of 12h and 24h. Look at Local SEO plugin changelog for Yoast SEO 11.7 release.


UX / UI:

Add a description for defining Area Served purpose.

Changed the range of price to the price indication.Payment accepted relabeled to payment methods accepted.



Fix a bug that causes the switching notation between 12h and 24h not to work correctly.

Help icon of business type wasn’t working. 

It’s always great to keep the SEO software up-to-date to get more Schema advantages and stay ahead in the competition. 


If you want to become a master in Yoast SEO plugin and don’t want to miss out its awesome features, then connect with us to take instant support for any Yoast SEO version. 

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