Organisations dedicated to human rights should work together: Dr. Tapan Kumar


New Delhi: The issue of human rights has once again become important in view of the increasing incidents of oppression of citizens on the basis of religion, race, region, language and cultures etc. in many countries around the world. On this issue, the international organization World Human Rights Protection Commission (WHRPC) believes that national human rights institutions of different countries will have to work together to improve on issues related to human rights. For this, there should be national-international conferences from time to time, where the problems and challenges faced by organizations and individuals working for human rights are discussed and a suitable solution can be found.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Routaray, President WHRPC says, “In this era of political and military powers, protecting human rights and maintaining them in an idealized form has become the biggest need of today. This is the reason why people’s eyes are the most on organizations working for human rights around the world. His work is worthy of praise, but due to the slightest mistake or lapse, he also has to be a victim of public criticism. The criticism of UNHRC chief Michel Bachelet after his visit to China is the latest example. Michelle Bachelet is being criticized for not criticizing the alleged human rights abuses of minority Muslims in China.

Dr. Tapan explains that WHRPC is dedicated to protect the Universal Declaration of Rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter and constantly strives that not only countries, but also the governments of the states become sensitive about human rights. For this purpose, academics and intellectual groups from around the world have been included in it. Its chairman is the former Chief Justice of the country. According to Dr. Tapan, “Most people have a limited understanding of human rights. Universal Declaration includes 30 rights, which can be adopted to make a civilized, free and peaceful society. Basically human rights are those basic rights and freedoms of any society. Those who live with every person from birth till death. They can never be removed. Yes, they can be banned.

WHRPC unites individuals, educators, organizations and government bodies to adopt and promote human rights. Its purpose is to make people aware of human rights, to confer honorary doctorate(casa) to people doing remarkable work on issues related to public and to conduct other activities.

The purpose of awarding honorary doctorates is also to encourage people actively working for human rights and to become part of national and international discussions and debates on the subject. Participate actively in them. The WHRPC generally gives priority to honouring individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sciences, humanities and professions.

The WHRPC also studies international agreements and activities on human rights and makes recommendations to the government for their effective implementation. In areas where adequate human rights legislation is lacking or in need of improvement, WHRPC is at the forefront of legislation and policy making efforts. The organization is active all the time for child sexual abuse, communal crime, right to food and work. WHRPC has always been at the forefront of advancing laws and policies that promote and protect human rights in the courts, the media, and various public and legal entities. It opposes every law, policy and activity that undermines human rights.

first published:June 15, 2022, 8 p.m.

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