Otherwise Russia will suffer ‘heavy’ loss: Ukraine President calls on Moscow for ‘fair talks without delay’

Kyiv: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called for talks on peace “without delay” and warned that otherwise Russia’s loss would be “huge”.

In his latest video message, the Ukrainian president said, “I want everyone to listen to me now, especially in Moscow. It’s time to meet, it’s time to talk. It’s time for Ukraine.” Territorial integrity and justice should be restored.”

“Otherwise, Russia’s losses would be so great that several generations would not be enough to turn back,” Ukraine’s president said in his video message.

“On peace, on security for us, for Ukraine – meaningful, fair and without delay – is the only chance for Russia to reduce the damage caused by its mistakes,” he added.

Zelensky continued, “We (Ukraine) have always insisted on dialogue. We have always offered talks, offered solutions for peace.”

Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. The neighboring country has been bombed by indiscriminate airstrikes by Russian troops. For those unaware, both Russia and Ukraine have been involved in talks for weeks, which, however, show no sign of a breakthrough.

Zelensky further claimed that Russian forces were deliberately blocking the supply of humanitarian supplies to the cities under attack. “It’s a deliberate tactic… it’s a war crime and they will respond 100 percent to it,” the Ukrainian president said.

Zelensky said there was no information about how many people were killed in a theater in the city of Mariupol on Wednesday. He said that more than 130 people have been rescued so far.

Hundreds of people were taking refuge in the theater in Mariupol, which was attacked by Russia earlier this week.

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First published:March 19, 2022, 2:39 pm

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