Paige considered killing herself


New Delhi: Paige, who now goes by the name Saraya, opened up about how her life hit rock bottom after a sex tape and nude photos of her were leaked in 2017.

Saraya is a two-time WWE Divas Champion and was the first NXT Women’s Champion. He is the only person who has held both championships simultaneously. The Anti-Diva is the only person to hold both championships simultaneously and was also the longest-serving NXT Women’s Champion. In Jade’s debut match on the main roster, Brit won the Divas Championship, becoming the youngest champion in history at age 21.

Paige admitted that she was struggling with a substance problem at the time and was considering taking her own life.

“I was [hiding] inside a bush, thinking that if people recognize me, they will know,” Saraya continued.

“I would never wish that on anyone, because that’s the most vulnerable part of you. I felt so stupid for trusting that person at that moment. I’ve never done it since. That was a terrible lesson, I learned, and I’ll never be caught dead doing it again.

“I felt so stupid and so embarrassed, and I was like a fucking cokehead at this point and I liked to drink, and that really pushed me to the bottom where I did it. I really don’t want to be alive anymore , friend

“It was bloody awful. I was so sad. I remember saying, ‘if my dad is disappointed in me, I don’t think I can be here any more.’
Saraya also shared details of the conversation, stating that both her father and brother were unfazed by the news.

“Well, what are you sorry for? Who cares?” Saraya’s father asked. “You had sex. Everyone has done it. Unfortunately, you’re just in the public eye. It is what it is. You have to suck it.

“It’s going to hurt a little bit. People are going to make fun of you forever. I just want you to know that I’m still proud of you and I’m not disappointed.”

The conversation finally gave Saraya the confidence to put the incident behind her.
“Well, if my family is okay with me, I’ll be okay,” he concluded.

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