Pakistan-Taliban relation more complicated after US withdrawal: Top US General


A top US military official has said that Pakistan’s ties with the Taliban will be further complicated in the near future after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Washington: Top US military generals have condemned Pakistan for supporting the Afghan Taliban during the 20-year war by the US and NATO in Afghanistan.

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After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban will become more complicated in the near future, a top US military official said during a congressional testimony on Tuesday (local time).

According to media reports, US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief General Kenneth McKenzie said in Congressional testimony on Tuesday, “I believe that Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban are going to be significantly complicated as a result of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.” “

He also emphasized that Islamabad would see pressure from Afghanistan into the country in a way that was earlier more easily distracted by the US presence there.

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During the testimony, another top US general, Mark Milley, said Washington “would have gone to war with the Taliban if it had stayed after the August 31 deadline”.

Both generals also rejected Biden’s claim that al-Qaeda had left Afghanistan.

Outlining concerns over Afghanistan’s future, General McKenzie said it is ‘to be seen’ whether terrorists can be prevented from using Afghan soil as a launchpad”, according to media reports.

On August 31, the US completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan under the Doha Agreement with the Taliban last year.

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The top military official has appeared before the Senate for the first time since withdrawing from Afghanistan.

First published:September 29, 2021, 9:29 am

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