Passenger creates ruckus in mid-air flight, later blacklisted


Islamabad: A passenger on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai flight has been blacklisted for causing a disturbance during the flight when he suddenly started banging the seats and kicking the plane’s window, Pakistani local media reported.

ARY News quoting sources reported that the passenger started fighting with the staff at the light and engaged in unusually disruptive activities on PIA flight PK-283. He reportedly violently kicked the window of the plane.

He later resorted to punching and kicking the seats and then laid down on the floor, the report said, adding that the flight attendants tried to control him, but then attacked them as well.

Some pictures show him lying face down on the floor of the plane. According to sources, he was strapped to his seat in accordance with the Aviation Act.

The passenger remained violent during the flight. Later, when crew members stopped him to control the situation, the passenger also attacked him.

Following the commotion, the flight captain contacted Dubai air traffic control and requested security.

The passenger was detained by security officers after landing at Dubai Airport. The incident happened on September 14. The traveler was blacklisted by the airline.

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