Pay Rs 95 per month and get Rs 14 lakh on maturity


Post Office Investment Scheme: Investing is the best way to secure your future in the most organized manner. Taking good decisions early in life can ensure a safe and secure future. If you intend to go ahead and start your investment journey, this plan might be the best to start with.

Enroll in Small Savings Scheme. Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme is a rural postal life insurance scheme in Sumangal. Indian citizens in the age group of 19 to 45 years are eligible for this scheme. This plan also includes an insurance policy of Rs 10 lakh. After the untimely death of the policyholder, the insurance payout will be credited to any family member, nominee or legal heir.

The account has two maturity periods: 15 and 20 years. After 6, 9 and 12 years, 20% of the guaranteed amount will be available as a cash refund under a 15-year policy. The 20-year policy also includes money-back options after eight, twelve and sixteen years. The remaining 40% are eligible for bonus on reaching maturity.

Return Estimator:

When you are 20 years old and buy a 20 year policy with Sum Assured of Rs 7 lakh, you will have to pay a daily premium of Rs 95. Monthly fee is Rs. 2850, and the annual fee is Rs. 17,100. You will get your money back, but it will cost you Rs. 14 lakhs when it becomes mature. You get money regularly and then repay it.

In the 8th, 12th and 16th year of the 20 year policy, Rs. 7 lakhs, you receive 20% of the promised amount. After three payments, the total cost will be Rs 4.2 lakh (20 per cent of Rs 7 lakh is Rs 1.4 lakh). In the 20th year, you will get Rs 2.8 lakh, which fulfills the promised total.

After that, you will receive an annual bonus of Rs. 48 for every Rs. 1000 you earned. This amount will be equal to Rs 6.72 lakh in 20 years. Consequently, when the loan matures, you will get Rs. Total 9.52 lakhs. Amount of Rs. 13.72 lakh is payable on maturity and will be refunded.

Those who are unable to wait until they are fully mature will benefit the most from this strategy. For those who need to withdraw cash soon, this strategy can be beneficial for them.

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