Peace of Taliban worse than war of last 20 years, say Afghanistan nationals


Kabul: The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August last year and formed a government in the country within days, but questions on the minds of people around the world are whether locals are happy with the new administration.

In her article on the people and life in Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power, Italian author and journalist Francesca Marino said that people living in the country believed that the group’s so-called “peace” was the last 20 years of war. is worse than

this change is not welcome

Afghanistan is witnessing days that it would never have dreamed of. The hypocritical position of the group is exposed only by the crackdown on women, art and culture in the country.

The Taliban have gone to the extent of beheading “mannequins” at clothing stores in the country, saying it is a violation of Sharia law. Music has been banned in vehicles and drivers have also been warned not to transport women who are not wearing hijabs.

The Taliban regime is taking repressive measures against women and the situation of women has worsened since the takeover. Work and education for women have been banned.

To make life worse, women in Afghanistan are not allowed to travel more than 72 kilometers from their homes unless they are escorted by a male guardian.

A recent report highlighted that the Taliban burned a musical instrument in front of a musician in Afghanistan’s Paktia province and the musician was seen crying after his instrument caught fire.

A viral video posted by Abdulhaq Omeri, a senior Afghan journalist, shows a man with a gun laughing at him while another was making a video of his “pathetic condition”.

“Schools for girls are closed, journalists and protestors have been killed, music and films have been banned, the women’s ministry has been closed forever,” wrote the author in the article published in Ezion.

The author further stated that on 25 December last year, the government of Kabul officially abolished the Electoral Commission of Afghanistan, claiming: “We do not see its usefulness. If it is needed in the future, we will use it.” Will form an ad-hoc Islamic commission.”

First Published:January 18, 2022, 6 am

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