Philadelphia, Tennessee and Michigan witness trail of gun violence, 9 killed, 28 injured


New Delhi: The United States has yet again witnessed a trail of gun violence. The nation is yet again rattled with three mass shootings that occurred on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. 


The first instance happened in the city of Philadelphia inside a crowded bar where a minor confrontation between two individuals evolved into an exchange of bullet sprays. The incident led to the killing of three people and left at least twelve people wounded. The situation infused panic in the crowd as they tried to flee before getting caught in the firing. 


Another incident broke out after midnight on Saturday near a bar in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Three people died in the clash and at least fourteen people were wounded as per the statement given by police.


Another incident of gun violence took place in the Saginaw area of Michigan where three people were killed and two were injured. Unlike the other two incidents, no uninvolved individuals were impacted by this incident.


No arrests have been made in any of the three incidents of gun violence. 


This comes in the wake of the people who are still not done grieving for the three-gun violence and mass shooting cases that have preceded these incidents- 10 people were killed in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York; 21 people were killed in a mass shooting that took place in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas;  Another incident that killed four people occurred in a medical building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

first published:June 6, 2022, 5:25 p.m.

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