If you are cured of Corona, then you have a chance to save someone’s life. Your plasma can save the life of a corona patient admitted to the ICU. In Corona’s first wave, thousands of lives have been saved from it. Let’s know what is plasma theory and how it can save someone’s life.

How can donate plasma?

The first donor test will be for plasma therapy. Through the test, it will be seen whether there is any type of infection in his blood. Sugar, for example, does not have HIV or hepatitis. If blood is found to be fine, then its plasma is removed and given to the patient of ICU, then it can be cured.

How does Plasma Work?

Antibodies come to the blood after treatment in corona-positive patients. According to the doctors, if the plasma is removed from his blood and given to the corona patient, then he will help him to recover. In this way, you can cure him by giving treatment to a sick patient. These anti-bodies combine with the blood of the patient to provide strength to fight the corona.

These people can donate plasma

-Corona positive

-have become negative now

-It has been 14 days to recover

-Feeling healthy and excited to donate plasma

Such people cannot give plasma

-Those weighing less than 50 kg

-Women who have ever been pregnant or are now

-Diabetes patients taking insulin

-Blood pressure is greater than 140

-Patients who have uncontrollable diabetes or hypertension

-Individuals cured of cancer

-People who have chronic kidney / heart / lung or liver disease.

This is how plasma therapy started

The plasma therapy was introduced by the German scientist Emil von Bering, a Nobel Prize winner. For this, he put diphtheria virus in the rabbit, then antibodies were added to it. After that those antibodies were introduced into children. Hence Emil is called Savior of Children.


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