‘PM Modi did nothing for OBCs’: Telangana Congress leader


Hyderabad: While raising the demand for caste-based census, Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao on Thursday said that he has not done anything for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) even though he belonged to the same category.

“Modi is the first OBC Prime Minister and we were very happy. But what did he do for OBC in 8 years? I was once the coordinator of the OBC. A caste-wise census should be conducted. Our population percentage has increased. Rajnath Singh in 2008 said that caste wise census should be done. Even Nitish Kumar says the same and every state is being asked that a caste wise census should be done,” he said.

“There are people who don’t have food to eat, if you don’t increase the reserve, how? There is no OBC ministry in the central government. But the Prime Minister is not doing anything for OBC, where the highest population is OBC,” the Congress leader added.

Rao said the population of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) has increased and explained the demands of caste census raised by the heads of government of various states.

The Congress leader said that the OBC has often ignored. Because of this, the party will protest on November 12 during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Telangana.

“Mandal commission was started in 1993 but no one cares about backward classes. So we will raise our voice. We will protest whenever the chief minister visits Telangana. Our vote bank is more in the country and we will fight for the census of castes,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister will visit Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to lay the foundation stone of projects worth over Rs. 10.5 billion and Rs. 9500 crore respectively on November 12, officials said.

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