Police looks out for crazy lover who lied about woman’s suicide

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh police have launched a search to nab a one-sided lover in Kanpur who lied about sending an ambulance and a police team to a married woman’s house.

The accused forced the woman to meet him. He threatened her that if she didn’t come to him, he could hurt her.

However, the woman firmly stood by her decision, which prompted the accused to play a prank on her. The man called the hospital and sent an ambulance to the woman’s house. He lied that she was pregnant and in labor.

When paramedics arrived, the woman said it was false information. She ignored the prank but he continued the prank.

The man gave the woman’s address and told the police that a woman committed suicide here. The police determined that the information was wrong and they became aware of the lover.

The woman then told the police that the young man had been harassing her like this for the past 2 months. The victim and her brother-in-law filed a case against the crazy lover. After that, the police are now trying to find out the young man’s whereabouts with the help of the surveillance team.

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