Police said the accused girl shared her video, without attempting suicide


Chandigarh: On Sunday, Punjab Police said the student accused in the Chandigarh University video leak case only shared her videos with a friend and said there had been no suicide attempt or death.

After the huge controversy over the video leak incident, Mohali SSP Vivek Sony addressed a press conference and said that they only found one video of the same accused. He confirmed that there had been no attempted suicide or death.

“It is a matter of a video that was filmed by a female student and is circulating. The FIR has been registered in this case and the accused has been arrested. No death related to this incident has been reported. According to medical records, no attempt (to commit suicide) has been reported,” SSP said. Mohali Vivek Soni.

“So far in our investigation, we have found out that there is only one video of the accused herself. She did not record any other video of anyone else. Electronic devices and mobile phones have been seized and will be sent for forensic examination,” Mohali SB said.

It was reported that the girl had made 60 such videos, but the police said they came across only one video of the same accused and also admitted that she only made one.

Warden catches the girl

The girl who made the video was arrested by the warden and other students. In the video, the sheriff can be heard saying that she had been committing this misdeed for some time. Watch here what happened:

Girls sent the video to a boy in Shimla

Earlier, the girl who made the video was said to have sent it to a boy in Shimla. The boy from Shimla was said to have shared the controversial videos on social media.

It was said that when the girls learned of this, at least 8 of them attempted suicide.

The girls were admitted to the hospital

The girls were admitted to various hospitals around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. It is said that the condition of one of the girls is serious. Both of them, the girl who recorded the video and the boy who posted it on social media, belong to Himachal Pradesh.

“Management is putting pressure on us.”

The students of Chandigarh University have alleged that the university management is pressuring them to crack down on the matter. The students claim that they have complained to the college management, but they have not taken any action in the matter.

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