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Smoothie recipe: The summer season has arrived, in such a situation, to escape from the sweltering heat, you feel like drinking a cooling drink. In addition, children hesitate to drink milk during this season. In such a situation, parents start to worry about the health of their children.

In fact, milk contains many nutrients that are very important for children’s health. If this happens to you, you can make healthy drinks for your children. We bring you some of these smoothie recipes that are very easy to make. Share with us how you can make a delicious and healthy summer special smoothie.

These are special summer smoothies in which apple and mango smoothies are very famous.

Smoothie recipe: Ingredients

  • milk – 2 cups,
  • apple-1,
  • dried fruits – 2 tablespoons,
  • sugar – 1 teaspoon,
  • Dates – 2


  • First, heat the milk in a pan and put the dates in it and let it stand for some time.
  • When the milk has cooled, put it in the blender, add dates.
  • Now wash and clean the apple and cut it into small pieces.
  • Now put the apple in the mixer and blend everything well for 5 minutes.
  • Check that everything is well mixed, then you will understand that the apple smoothie is ready.
  • Now take this shake in a glass and serve garnished with dry fruits.

Mango smoothie: Ingredients

ripe mango – 1,
milk – 1 cup,
sugar – 1 teaspoon,
cardamom powder – 1/3 tsp,
Dried fruit – 2 tablespoons (optional)


  • To prepare the Mango Milkshake, first boil the milk in a pot.
  • After that, you let it cool, then you peel the mango and separate the pulp.
  • Now put this mango pulp in the mixer and grind it.
  • After that, add milk and sugar to this dough.
  • Now mix these things and add cardamom powder.
  • Your Mango Shake is ready, now serve it in a glass and garnish with dried fruit.

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