Priest recites mantras while groom works on laptop; People amazed to see this wedding


groom is working on the wedding day

The wedding day is very important for both the boy and the girl. Not only that, but the family spends money like water on a great wedding. The future bride and groom spend a long time preparing for this special day. But a picture is going viral on social media and people are heartbroken after seeing it.

In the viral picture, groom Raja is seen working on his laptop during the wedding ceremony. As a result, some sympathize with the bride-to-be, while others curse the toxic work culture.

In fact, the work-from-home culture started during the Covid-19 lockdown. People started doing office work from home. However, after the lockdown was lifted, the offices reopened. However, some businesses still work from home. It is beneficial in many ways, but it can be difficult in others.

If the manager or boss of the company believes that the employee is at home, he can order him to work at any time. By the way, no one can work in the office on the wedding day, right? However, a photo from Kolkata shows a groom working on a laptop while Pandit recites mantras.

This photo was posted by the ig calcutta Instagram account on November 25 and has received over 11,270 likes and hundreds of comments. “When ‘working from home’ takes you to the next level,” reads the caption. The photo shows two elderly people performing the wedding ceremony while the groom works in Bengali attire, eyes fixed on a laptop.

Users who saw this image described the “work from home” culture as toxic. Some users are mocking it, with one writing: “I don’t find this funny. No company expects an employee to work on their wedding day; instead, this individual must learn to balance their professional and personal lives. If this is true, then something is very wrong. God bless the woman he wants to marry.

At the same time, some people convince themselves that they have to do the same amount of work.

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