Prime Minister Modi will address the Indian community at the G20 summit today


Bali (Indonesia): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the G20 working session on ‘Health’ on Tuesday in Bali, Indonesia, after an event where he will address the Indian community.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that “the prime minister has also met in his speech at the session. He will now go to the leader’s lunch, a little later. Later in the afternoon, we have session 2, which it’s about health.”

“He will then address the Indian community. And then a welcome dinner in the evening,” added Arindam Bagchi, MEA spokesperson.

The Prime Minister will have another session tomorrow, which is on digital transformation and later, along with other leaders, PM Modi will visit the Mangroove forest.

Bagchi said Prime Minister Modi has met several world leaders today and will hold several bilateral talks with others.

Earlier today, PM Modi addressed the G20 working session on food and energy security. During the session, he reiterated India’s long-standing position in favor of dialogue and diplomacy in Ukraine and said “‘We have to find a way to get back on the path of ceasefire'” in Kyiv.

“I have said repeatedly that we must find a way to return to the path of ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi, who arrived in Bali on Monday, said: “During the last century, World War II wreaked havoc on the world. After that, the leaders of that time made a serious effort to undertake the path of peace. Now it is our turn. The responsibility of creating a new world order for the post-Covid period rests on our shoulders. The need of the hour is to show concrete and collective resolve to ensure peace, harmony and security in the world”.

Prime Minister Modi, referring to India as the “holy land of Buddha and Gandhi”, said he is confident that next year, when the G20 meets, they will all agree to convey a strong message of peace to the world.

The annual G20 summit began today in Bali. Over the next two days here, world leaders will discuss two key issues facing the world right now. First are the challenges caused by the Covid19 pandemic and second, the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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