Prime Video launches the trailer of Unpaused: Naya Safar, a heartwarming anthology portraying stories of hope and triumph


New Delhi: Prime Video today launched the gripping trailer of the Hindi anthology, Unpaused: Naya Safar, which will premiere globally on January 21, 2022, in over 240 countries and territories. Following the overwhelming response to the first edition, Unposed, which premiered in 2020, the sequel to the Amazon Original anthology will feature five Hindi short films, each uniquely delving into the challenges that the pandemic has hit everyone. Emphasized, while it is emphasized. There is a need to adopt a positive attitude as everyone welcomes the new year.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Saqib Saleem, Shreya Dhanwantri, Neena Kulkarni and Priyanshu Painyuli among others, Unpaused: Naya Safar is a heartfelt reminder that there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel, as beautifully depicted in the trailer. Filled with love and positivity, this compilation urges us to make a fresh start with the start of this new year.

*Short films in the collection*-

, Teen Tigra, directed by Ruchir Arun; Starring Saqib Saleem, Ashish Verma and Sam Mohan.

, Duet directed by Nupur Asthana; Starring Shreya Dhanwantri and Priyanshu Painyuli.

, Gond Ke Laddu directed by Shikha Maken; Starring Neena Kulkarni, Darshan Rajendran and Laxveer Singh Saran.

, War Room directed by Ayyappa KM; Starring Geetanjali Kulkarni, Rasika Agashe, Poornanand Vandekar and Sharvari Deshpande.

, Vaikuntha directed by Nagraj Manjule; Starring Arjun Karache and Hanumant Bhandari.

Ruchir Arun, Director, Teen Tigda said, “*Unpaused: Naya Safar Anthology boasts of compelling narratives, showcases a multitude of emotions and we are really excited to have our film as a part of this anthology. With Teen Tigda, our endeavor was to uncover the threshold of human emotion, amidst the tribulations of an ongoing pandemic that hit us like a storm. The film has a unique story, beautifully translated on screen by the actors And we hope it will resonate strongly with the public as well.

Nupur Asthana, director of The Couple, said, “The layoffs were a dazzling reality of the pandemic that hit professionals across the world very hard, leaving them uncertain and frustrated. The couple was in emotional turmoil due to such a professional setback. and captures the complexities and how it impacts the personal relationship between two people that changes their realities. The first edition of the anthology struck a chord with the audience beautifully, and we hope the now unreleased new journey is of course. from, would be open to similar love and appreciation.

Shikha Maken, Director, Gond Ke Laddu said * “The pandemic has affected one and all unnecessarily and unnecessarily. We all worry about our loved ones who are far away and look for means to connect and take care of them. … far. In this subtle yet substantial narrative. We are sure that the story will connect with the audience on an emotional level.”

Ayyappa KM, Director, War Room said, “The War Room showcases the vulnerability of the frontline workers who faced adversity during the outbreak of the pandemic. It is an engrossing story that exposes a different facet of human emotions under pressure. And I am indebted to the entire team for bringing it to life so beautifully.”

Nagraj Manjule, Director, Vaikunth said, “* Ruka Nahi Gaya Naya Safar Anthology captures a range of emotions with each of its films, and Vaikunth ties it up with a unique balance of hopelessness and hopelessness filled with unpredictability. We, We as a team are humbled and honored to bring this story as part of this anthology and we hope it stays with the audience for a long time.”

First Published:January 15, 2022, 1:17 pm

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