Prithviraj used to kill Hindus compares PM Modi: Yati Narsinghanad


New Delhi: Dasna Devi temple leader Yati Narsinghanand said that Pritvi Raj Chauhan killed Hindus and kidnapped their daughters. He compared the Maratha warrior with Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the same allegations.

In a video on Twitter, Narsinghanand said, “The way Prithviraj Chauhan treated Hindus, Modiji is doing the same. Prithviraj killed many Hindus and kidnapped women. In fact, he didn’t even spare his own brother’s daughter.”

Hindutava supremacist Narsinghanand claimed that Prithviraj killed Hindu kings but never touched Muslims. “And what happened at the end? He was killed by a Muslim ruler, not a Hindu,” he said.

He also compared Mahatma Gandhi with the misdeeds of Prithvi Raj and said, “We only praise him (Modi). If Modi continues, there will be no place to cry in peace.”

Narshinghanand then praised the Rajput king Jaichand, cousin of Prithviraj Chauhan and father of Princess Sanyogita, saying that he would prefer Jaichand over Chauhan.

“Jaichand never helped the Ghurida dynasty ruler Muhammad Ghori. He was a true Rajput,” he said.

“This is the country that respects Gandhi and abuses Nathuram Godse and Veer Savarkar. Until the mentality of the country changes, it will be like this,” he added.

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