Proning process helps to improve oxygen level of Corona patients, know how to do it?

The proning process can greatly help corona patients improve their oxygen levels. Especially patients who are living in home isolation. So let's know how to do it and other important things.


A large number of Corona patients are in need of oxygen, but due to acute shortage of oxygen across the country, many patients are losing their lives. In view of such a situation, the Health Ministry has suggested some easy methods of breathing for the patients who are having trouble in breathing.

The proning process can greatly help corona patients improve their oxygen levels. Especially those patients who are living in home isolation. Proning is the process of moving the back of a patient in a precise and safe manner, so that the face is kept in a downward posture.

What is proning?

-Proning is a type of procedure by which the patient can maintain his oxygen level on his own.

-Prone position oxygenation technique is effective up to 80 percent.

-This process is medically acceptable, it has to be done by lying on the stomach.

-It improves breathing and supports oxygen levels.

When to do this process?

-This process has to be adopted when the corona patient is having trouble breathing and the oxygen level falls below 94.

-If you are in home isolation, keep checking your oxygen level from time to time.

  • -Keep measuring fever, blood pressure, blood sugar also from time to time.
  • With the right procedure on time, proning is helpful in saving many lives.

How to do?

-Let the patient lie on the abdomen for the procedure.

-Place a pillow under the throat, then put one or two pillows under the chest and abdomen equally and keep two pillows under the toes.

-The patient benefits from lying in this position for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

-It is important to change the patient’s lying position every 30 minutes to two hours.

Oxygen level does not fall

-In this process, blood circulation in the lungs starts to be good.

-Fluid present in the lungs starts to move here and there.

-This keeps oxygen in the lungs easily.

-Oxygen levels also do not fall.

When not to prone?

-Do not process the pruning immediately after eating food.

-Follow this process at least one hour after eating food.

-Do not do this even if you are pregnant, have a severe chordiac condition.

-If there is a spinal problem or fracture in the body, do not adopt this process.

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