New Delhi: There seems to be no hope for the protesters seeking justice in Iran other than execution. Iran’s parliament has urged the judiciary to carry out the harshest punishment against nearly 15,000 people for involvement in “riots”.

As a result, the Iranian Revolutionary Court sentenced an anti-government protester to death and sentenced five others to prison. said media reports.

This is the first death sentence in a trial against those who have been demonstrating against the ruling clergy for over 8 weeks to break barbaric dress codes. According to the activist news agency HRANA, more than 300 protesters were killed and almost 15,100 arrested during this period.

While demanding the “severest punishment,” Iranian authorities labeled the protesters “rioters” and said they had committed “corruption on earth.”

Anti-government outbursts began in almost all parts of Iran after the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman.

The woman was beaten to death by Iran’s vice squad while in custody for failing to comply with strict uniform rules such as covering the head in public, sparking mass outrage.

Despite mass execution orders, people don’t seem to be slowing down their protests as they continue for the 59th day today, media reports claim.


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