Punjab CM approves 20 more public mines, sand, gravel..


Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Friday dedicated 20 more public mines in five districts to the people of the state to provide sand and gravel to the people at an affordable price of Rs 5.50 per cubic foot per head.

In the Sangheda village of Moga district, the Prime Minister said that in the third phase of the launch of public mines, twenty new mines became operational in Ludhiana, Ferozepur, Moga, Hoshiarpur and SBS districts on Friday, thanks to which the number of operating public mines increased. It has grown to 55 across the state. He said that the state government would soon commission 150 public sector mines in Punjab. CM Bhagwant Mann said that the state government has cut the roots of the sand mafia that flourished in the previous governments to make sand available to the people at cheaper rates.

The chief minister said that now sand will be sold at Rs 5.50 per cubic meter in these public mines, which would bring great relief to the people of the state. He said that in these quarries sand can only be dug by hand, the digging work would not be done with machines. Bhagwant Mann said that so far 5.82 million tonnes of sand has been procured from 35 public mines of the state on behalf of the public and by opening 20 new mines, 18.29 million tonnes of sand will be made available to the people.

The Prime Minister said that not only will cheap sand be available from these mines, but they will also create direct and indirect job opportunities for young people. He said that since the inception of these mines, the workers of the mines have earned 5 million rupees. Bhagwant Mann also said that sand from these mines can only be procured for non-commercial projects.

The prime minister said that the sand will only be sold until sunset, and that a government official will always be present in all public areas, who will regulate the extraction of sand. Criticizing previous governments for creating and patronizing sand mafia in the state, he said these people had no moral right to comment on the issue. Bhagwant Mann said that everyone knows that these leaders had direct links with the mafia, who looted the state indiscriminately during their long rule.

The head of government noted that the financial situation of the state was back on track and said that action had been taken against the sand mafia patronized by the leaders of the previous government in order to give people cheaper access to sand. Bhagwant Mann said, “Earlier, sand was available at an expensive price, while medicines were easily available in the market.” He said that the previous governments had neglected public welfare but his government was able to provide for the people and the exchequer without any difficulty. He works with total dedication to stop the prey.

Expressing his commitment to the all-round development of the state, the Prime Minister said that as a result of the government’s tireless efforts, Punjab was transformed from a state budget deficit to a fiscally profitable state by making people-friendly decisions. would restore the state’s lost glory.

He said that the state government has taken several bold decisions to eradicate the sand mafia so that people get cheap sand as this mafia has done arbitrary things in the past. Bhagwant Mann said that his government has fulfilled the guarantee and now sand is being sold at just Rs.5.50 in these public quarries, which has brought great relief to the people.

The chief minister said that the previous governments were in collusion with all the mafias who looted the state with both hands during their long rule. He said that no tainted person can collect money illegally from the source under his government. Bhagwant Mann said that his government would take all decisions for the betterment and welfare of the people of the state.

The Prime Minister said that his government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against corruption, and action will be taken against all those involved in corruption, regardless of their status. He said: if someone is found to be involved in corruption, strict action will be taken against him. Bhagwant Mann said that no one should loot public money.

The Prime Minister was also accompanied by Meet Hair Minister Gurmeet Singh on the occasion.

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