Pyaar kiya to darna kya… Two girls marry overcoming society, now have 1.3 lakh subscribers

Payal and Yashvika, two daughters, got married. The love story of this Indian lesbian couple has gone viral on social media. The couple say their relationship is as valid as any other. However, they still have to fight for social acceptance.

According to Yashvika’s YouTube channel, I directly proposed marriage to Payal. I didn’t tell him I loved him or any other formalities. According to Yashvika, if you look at love from the perspective of love, you will only see love. All you have to do is change your perspective.

Yashvika said that she met Payal on Tiktok in 2017. After that, they started chatting on a daily basis. The conversation progressed from chat to call and then to video call. They finally agreed to meet.

Yashvika claims that Payal did not see the WhatsApp messages. Payal started ignoring him. Yashvika reacted angrily and said, “Talk to me or block me.” Yashvika was then blocked by Payal. Payal realized her mistake after six months and contacted Yashvika on her behalf.

Payal jokes that after six months, she realized she wasn’t going to live her life alone. They finally met for the first time in 2018. After a few days of meeting, they started dating.

Payal used to work in Ludhiana while Yashvika used to work in Nainital. At that time, they traveled to each other’s cities once a month to meet. This lasted about two years. When Corona arrived in 2020, they decided to live together in isolation. During this time, they decided to tell their family about their relationship.

Payal’s family quickly accepted their relationship, but Yashvika had to work a little harder to convince her parents. Yashvika claims that when she told her family about Payal, they advised her to marry a boy while keeping Payal in the picture. Then Yashvika clarified that she only wants to marry Payal.

They were married in October 2022. The couple also started their own YouTube channel, where they shared everyday life stories with each other. He has posted videos on YouTube about everything from marriage to Karva Chauth celebrations. As their channel grew in popularity, the couple moved from Ludhiana to Mumbai. In fact, the couple was worried that there would be no problem.

Yashvika claims that some of her closest friends attended her wedding. At the wedding, Payal wore a sherwani while Yashvika wore a lehenga. Their marriage took place according to Hindu traditions. Although this marriage is not yet recognized in India, the couple hopes that it will soon be recognized and accepted by society. According to Yashvika and Payal, people should respect our emotions.

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