Rahul Gandhi slams central govt


National Herald case: Congress attacks central government after ED questions Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in National Herald case. The Congress is protesting against the central government today amid nationwide protests over inflation and unemployment.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi attacked the central government in a press conference held at the AICC headquarters.

Directly attacking the central government, Rahul Gandhi said that “dictatorship is growing in the country. We cannot speak in parliament. Democracy is coming to an end. Dictatorship is growing in the country. The Constitution is being violated. We want to debate issues like inflation and unemployment in Parliament, but they don’t allow us to talk.”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “today there is only a four-man dictatorship in the country. We want to discuss issues like inflation and unemployment, but we ended up in jail. We cannot debate in parliament.”

Rahul Gandhi said that all the institutions of Germany were in the hands of Hitler. He has won elections before. Today all the institutions of India are in the hands of RSS. Give me the full frame and I’ll tell you. “We are not fighting just one political party. We are fighting with the entire infrastructure of India.

The Congress leader said, “How do you feel about the death of democracy? The democracy built in 70 years was destroyed in eight years. There is no democracy in the country today.”

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