Rajasthan puppet makers struggle to earn livelihood amid COVID restrictions


Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], 15 October (ANI): The ban on public gatherings and gatherings due to COVID-19 has affected many people. The puppeteers and puppet makers of Rajasthan are among those who are struggling to earn a living.

Puppet maker Sitalal Bhatt while talking to ANI said that there is nothing to do these days and it is very difficult for him to take care of his family.

“It is our family profession. People used to watch puppet shows for hours but with the advent of television and mobile, the value of our shows has vanished. Now, no one organizes puppet shows. Even the government makes puppet shows. does nothing to promote,” he said. said.

“Due to the Covid induced lockdown, we have no work and it is very difficult to earn our bread and butter. We are thankful to the government that it provided food during the lockdown. If the government supports us, our achche din will return. Like people appreciate this art very much,” Bhatt said.

Another puppet maker, Jagdish said that they make all kinds of puppets and animals as per the demand of the customers.

“That’s what we’ve been doing for generations. We can also make puppets, animals and other stuff, but today we have nothing to do,” he said.

The Jaipur-based puppeteer urged the government to help them and promote puppetry.

Another puppeteer from Jaipur said, “We mainly organize puppet shows at tourist places and hotels. Since COVID-19 has badly affected the tourism sector, we have no way out for our shows. The government should help us and promote puppetry.”

Meanwhile, effigy makers in Jaipur also expressed their disappointment over the low sales of Ravana effigies this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that everything has become expensive due to which the demand is less as compared to pre-covid times. (ANI)


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