Rapper Snoop Dogg writes his name in Japanese, video goes viral


New Delhi: In the latest video, American rapper Snoop Dogg was seen learning to write his name in Japanese. Fans were very impressed when he posted the video. The video went viral in an instant.

The video was made at a Walmart event, where the rapper also met some of his fans. During one of her fan interactions, she signed a book for the man. The rapper asked the man to teach him how to write his name in Japanese.

Of course, the man obliges and writes Snoop Dogg’s name in Japanese on the paper. The rapper then carefully tries to copy the characters and signs his name in the book.

Check out Snoop Dogg’s post

Sharing a video of Snoop Dogg saying “DAMN WALMART”. Fans took to the comments section to appreciate her spirit to learn a new language.

“Snoop Dogg is literally the coolest person on the planet,” the Instagram user wrote. “You are amazing. Thank you for everything you do for everyone. Those little moments and little details are priceless and transformative,” wrote another fan.

The video also went viral on Reddit and got a lot of love. A Reddit user commented: “I’m currently learning Japanese and this is so awesome lol. This is written in katakana which is mainly used to transcribe foreign words.”

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