Road transport and highways sector has the highest number of backlogged projects at 248, government report reveals


New Delhi: The road and highways sector has the most overdue projects (248), followed by rail (116) and oil (88). According to the latest report on infrastructure projects for August 2022, of the 831 projects monitored in the road transport and highways sector, 248 are behind schedule compared to the planned schedule, according to a government assessment.

Similarly, 116 of the 173 monitored rail projects are behind schedule, and 88 of the 139 oil projects are also behind schedule.
Based on the data submitted to the Online Computer Monitoring System (OCMS) by the project implementing agencies, the Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division (IPMD) is tasked with monitoring the sector’s infrastructure projects central worth Rs.150 crores or more. The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation oversees the IPMD.

The railway project between Muneerabad and Mahaboobnagar was identified as the most delayed project. It has a delay of 276 months. The Belapur-Seawood-Urban Electrified Double Line is the second most delayed project and has a delay of 228 months. The railway project between Kotipalli and Narasapur is the third most delayed project with a delay of 216 months.

According to the report, the overall cost of implementing the 831 projects was initially estimated at Rs 4,92,741.89 crore when they were approved, but was later revised to Rs 5,40,815.51 crore, which it was a 9.8% cost overrun.

Till August 2022, these projects cost a total of Rs 3,21,001 crore, or 59.4% of the estimated cost.

On the railways side, it was said that the total estimated cost of execution of 173 projects was initially fixed at Rs 3,72,761.45 crore but later increased to Rs 6,19,569.99 crore, the which meant a cost overrun of 66.2 percent.

Till August 2022, Rs 3,43,528.75 crore, or 55.4% of the estimated cost, had been spent on these projects. The overall cost of 139 projects in the petroleum industry was initially estimated at Rs 3,66,013.55 crore, but was later revised to Rs 3,86,263.94 crore, representing a cost overrun of 5.5 %.

Till August 2022, Rs 1,36,450.2 crore (or 35.3% of the estimated cost) had been spent on these projects.

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