Row over law that puts police on rent


Kochi: Recently, a controversy arose in Kerala over a law. It is an old rule that anyone can hire a police officer. You just have to pay a fee for it. You can hold a police station all day for just Rs 700. For a supervisor you will pay Rs 2560. Not only that, you can rent the entire police station if you want. You have to spend Rs 33100 for this.

Well, this rule is old. But recently, this case came into limelight when KK Ansar of Coonoor hired 4 policemen ahead of VIP security for his daughter’s wedding. The funny thing is that no VIP came to the wedding.

Now many officers of Kerala police are against this rule. The Kerala Police Association has publicly expressed its protest over the incident through social media.

Kerala Police Fee Schedule

According to the revised tariff, the police must pay according to rank for personal use, filming and various functions. A CI rank officer is paid Rs 3,795 for a day and Rs 4,750 for a night. Day and night SI rates are 2560 and 4360. If you want a police dog, you have to pay Rs.6950. We also provide wireless kits to the police if needed. The fee for this is Rs 2315.

Contravention of the rule

Section 62(2) of the Kerala Police Act states that a private individual has no right to use the police, either free of charge or against payment. A State Industrial Security Force can be appointed when the security of individuals or institutions is required. Several associations of police officers have complained about the incident to the chief minister and the Kerala police chief.

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