Runs 100 km range on single charge, know price


New Delhi: Among the wide range of electric scooters available in the two-wheeler sector, today we are talking about the Raftaar Electrica electric scooters, which are popular for their low price, long range and attractive design.

In the full details of the Raftaar Electrica electric scooter today, you can know the full details of its price, range, top speed, features and specifications.

Raftaar Electrica price

The price of the Raftaar Electrica electric scooter starts at Rs 48,540, which goes up to Rs 70,900 for the top model. This is the price (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Raftaar Electrica battery and motor

In Raftaar Electrica, the company provided a 64 V, 30 Ah capacity lithium-ion battery pack. A 250W BLDC motor is integrated with this battery pack. Regarding battery charging, the company claims that this battery will be fully charged in 4-5 hours when charged with a normal charger.

Raftaar Electrica product range

Regarding the range of the Raftaar Electrica, the company claims that this scooter gives a range of 100 kilometers when fully charged. This series is certified by IDC.

Raftaar Electrica brake system

This electric scooter has disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, with which the combi brake system is also provided.

Features of Raftaar Electrica

In Raftaar Electrica, the company has given digital dashboard, digital odometer, digital speedometer, push button start, anti-theft alarm, charging point, mobile application, EBS, LED headlight, LED tail light, LED turn signal light, telescopic suspension system. . in the front, in the back, they received functions such as the twin-tube spring-type hydraulic shock absorbers.

Raftaar Electrica reservation

To buy the Raftaar Electrica electric scooter, customers can book online at the company’s official website. It can also be booked at the nearest dealership.

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