Russia Ukraine war: From sports to airfield, many countries imposed many sanctions on Russia

Brussels: Today is the fifth day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Despite all the criticism at the international level, Russia is still not ready to back down from its military campaign against Ukraine.

Russia is continuously bombing Ukrainian military bases and residential areas.

However, both the countries have indicated that they are open to talks in this regard. But so far no concrete steps have been taken in this direction.

However, despite being no match for Russia’s military might, Ukraine is still doing its best to fight the Russian juggernaut.

Russia continues to defy the West even as it moves forward with its military attack on Ukraine. According to a report by Reuters news agency, Canada has announced that the European Union (EU) will close its air routes to all Russian aircraft. The European Union has also said it would consider blocking Russia’s state media and imposing sanctions on its ally Belarus.

Ban imposed in the field of sports

The Football Association (FA), the governing body of football in England, has announced a boycott of all international football matches against Russia. The FIFA Council has stated that no Russian flag or anthem will be used in matches where teams from the Russian Football Federation take part.

Several EU countries have closed airspace

There are 27 countries in the European Union. Most of these countries, including France, Portugal, Germany, Albania, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, have closed their airspace to Russian aircraft. French airline Air France has also announced the cancellation of all its flights to Russia for security reasons.

Canada also raised its voice

Along with European countries, Canada has also joined the ranks of countries closing their air routes to Russian aircraft. However, some EU countries, including Greece, Serbia and Turkey, have not yet closed their air routes to Russian aircraft or announced plans to do so. Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghaba has also said that his country will hold Russia accountable for the unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

Russia also closed airspace for many countries

Russia has also announced the closure of its air routes to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia in response to Western and European countries. Russia’s state-run aviation agency Rosaviatsia said on Sunday that it had taken the move in response to the closure of air routes to Russian aircraft. Russia has also closed its air routes to Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

British company BP gave a blow to Russia

British oil company BP on Sunday announced its separation from Russian oil company Rosneft. BB holds a 19.75 per cent stake in Rosneft. The two companies have a partnership of three decades. BP did not say how it would sell its stake. The share price of BP is around ₹25 billion (Rs 1,87,500 crore).

Germany to reduce dependence on Russia for gas

According to the news agency Reuters, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said that Germany would reduce its dependence on Russia for gas. For this, two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals will be built and natural gas reserves will be increased.

“We need to reduce our dependence on one supplier for our energy needs,” he said at a special session of parliament (Bundestag) convened on the Ukraine crisis.

First published:February 28, 2022, 10:25 am

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