Russia wants to break Ukraine into two pieces, may hold referendum


Kyiv (Ukraine): An important statement from the Ukrainian government has come amid the attacks by the Russian army. The statement said that Russia wants to break Ukraine and form a government of its choice by occupying the Russian-dominated regions of eastern Ukraine.

To thwart any such attempt, President Volodymyr Zelensky has stridently called for fighter jets, tanks and missiles to fight Western nations. Whereas Ukraine’s intelligence chief Kirillo Budanov has indicated to start a guerrilla war to stop the Russian army.

Russia may hold referendum in Luhansk region

These statements from Ukraine came after indications that the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine is going through a referendum process to join Russia. Russia annexed Crimea, which was part of Ukraine, in 2014 through a similar process.

Ukraine trying to conduct guerrilla warfare against Russia

Ukraine’s intelligence chief has said that Russia wants to split Ukraine in two like the division of the Korean peninsula during World War II. The intelligence chief has hinted at fighting a guerrilla war with the Russian army if it lags behind. In this war, Ukrainian fighters will split into small pieces and suddenly attack the Russian army and will run away after damaging it. This could prolong the war in Ukraine and cause heavy losses to the Russian army.

Luhansk may join Russia

The Luhansk region, located in eastern Ukraine, may soon express its opinion on joining Russia through a referendum. A part of this area has been occupied by Russian-backed rebels since 2014, with the support of Russian forces in the last one month’s war, these rebels have now occupied the whole of Luhansk. It is a neighborhood of the rebel-held Donsk. Both regions were declared independent from Ukraine by Russia before the war broke out on 24 February.

West should show more courage to help Ukraine: Zelensky

President Zelensky has called on Western countries to show more courage in helping Ukraine. Zelensky has sought fighters, tanks and missiles from Western countries to fight the Russian military. It has been said that NATO should give one percent of its aircraft and one percent of its tanks as help to Ukraine, which is fighting the Russian army with full force these days.

Retreating western countries

Zelensky said the Russian military is now targeting Ukraine’s oil and food reserves and trying to break into Ukraine, so the country needs more help. Zelensky said that Western countries are retreating with the help of Ukraine. In fact they are afraid of Russia. On Saturday, the Russian military destroyed oil reserves and an army repair plant near the city of Lviv in western Ukraine in four missile strikes. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Lviv was attacked with cruise missiles aimed at reducing Ukraine’s military capability.

Not trying to change government in Russia: US  

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has clarified on President Joe Biden’s statement in Poland on Sunday. It has been said that America is not trying to change power in Russia. Biden had said that if God willing, this man (President Putin) would not be in power. Biden said this after meeting with Ukrainian refugees. Russia has protested this statement of Biden. It has been said that America does not have the right to express its desire to decide the power of Russia.

first published:March 28, 2022, 4:56 p.m.

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