Russian ministry website hacked, user data protected as per reports


New Delhi: The website of Russia’s Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities appeared to be hacked. The website managed to display a message in the native Ukrainian language quoting, “Glory to Ukraine”. 


Some media reports claimed that hackers were demanding a ransom for the prevention of leaking the users’ data. This was mentioned in a report by a Russian media outlet. However, we were unable to individually clarify these claims. 


Ever since, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia began, countless hacking attempts have been made from both sides. Many of these attempts attained fruition and had resulted in parleying ransom with user data.


A similar instance of hacking was seen on the celebration of Russia’s Victory Day. The video-hosting website Ru Tube went offline for three days as Moscow celebrated 77th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union. 


Russia says it is carrying out “special military operation” to disarm Ukraine and save itself from the fascists. However, Ukraine along with the West has completely refuted Russia’s claim as an excuse to invade.

first published:June 6, 2022, 6:08 p.m.

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