Russo-Ukraine War: One killed after Russian missile hits residential building in Kyiv

Kyiv (Ukraine): According to information received from Ukraine’s emergency service, one person was killed in a Russian missile attack in Kyiv on Thursday morning. Rescue services said they received a call at 5.02 a.m. Thursday about a fire in a residential building in the Darnitsky district.

“Rescuers found that as a result of damaged missile debris, the building’s 16th and technical floors were demolished and the apartment’s 16th floor caught fire,” the agency said in an update this morning.

After the attack, the search for people is still going on and about 30 people have been evacuated safely. Emergency services said one person was killed and three were injured as a result of the shelling and destruction of the building.

20,000 civilians estimated to have died in Mariupoli

At a meeting of the North Atlantic Council, the Ukrainian defense minister said civilian casualties in Mariupol were estimated by local authorities to be around 20,000, a number increasing every minute.

“The occupied Mariupol is committing a real act of genocide. It is being wiped out from the earth with aircraft, missiles and artillery,” the minister said.

First published:March 17, 2022, 1:22 pm

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