Safeguard your car’s body by getting top quality nano-ceramic coating from CARGLOSS


Automobiles do fascinate many of us, the features, the body, the shine, everything about them makes us go wow. There is no doubt that these cars look amazing but maintaining them is a task, even if our car gets the smallest scratch, we start feeling bad. However, there are many companies that emerge as a knight in shining armour for all the car owners by providing nano-ceramic coating services. Out of all these companies, one company that provides the highest quality services and has made a name for itself in the market is ‘CARGLOSS’. 

With their constant dedication and efforts towards providing their customers with top services, CARGLOSS has gained a reputation in the market and has become the number one nano-ceramic coating service provider in Bhuj, Kachchh. They have the sole aim of bringing unique technology to the market and providing ceramic coatings that safeguard your automobiles.  As the founders of the company have prior expertise and knowledge of the automobile industry, they have got an upper hand in the industry. Does not matter if your car is old or new, CARGLOSS’s excellent ceramic coating aims to restore and maintain its brilliance. They use international standard products that are eco-friendly so that your car and the environment both are safe. 

With the dream of bringing international standard nano-ceramic coating services to the Indian market, the founder, Devang Kirit Bhai Thacker founded his dream company in Bhuj on September 1, 2019. Unfortunately, the journey was not as easy as it seems as back in the day people were not familiar with the fact that car maintenance consists of more than just servicing, upkeeping, and washing. Hence establishing such a venture involved a lot of risks but Devang did not give up and took the risk of establishing an unconventional business. Eventually, people started understanding the importance of what he was bringing to them and CARGLOSS was successfully up in running. In the near future, the company’s aim is to spread its horizons in Gandhidham and Kachchh in Gujarat. Ultimately, they wish to open stores in every city in India. Catering to which they have initiated the first step by opening franchises all over Gujarat.  

With a display area of almost 1200sq ft, the company roughly gets 2-3 customers each day which sums up to 30-40 customers per month. The company’s incredible services have made noise all over the adjacent towns as well, hence people from towns like Mandvi, Gandhidham, Mundra, Anjar, etc travel to Bhuj solely to have their cars detailed by CARGLOSS. They have different services like UV protection, water repellency, protection from dried-up water stains, and even chemical protection. The company has recently expanded its range and included automobile wrapping and paint protection film (PPF). Due to these quality services, CARGLOSS has been designated as the Llumar Authorised Auto Fitment Centre (AFC) for the Kachchh region by Llumar India. So the next time you’re in the market for a new automobile and want to protect it or want to make your existing one appear like new, then you know that CARGLOSS is your one-stop-shop.

first published:May 23, 2022, 6:31 p.m.

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