Samsung Galaxy A Fold will be a series of cheaper foldable smartphones


The foldable smartphone market in India consists of two players, Samsung and Motorola. Motorola, however, isn’t that popular when it comes to the foldable department and there’s only one phone in its portfolio that’s available to buy, the Razr 5G. Samsung, on the other hand, has two foldable phones in its portfolio and the brand dominates the market. Also Read – Samsung Gaming Hub Launches On 2022 Smart TVs With Access To Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Twitch, Stadia And More

The cheaper Galaxy A Fold series is coming

Now, according to a new report from Korea, Samsung may launch a new series of budget foldable phones dubbed the Samsung Galaxy A Fold. The “Galaxy A” series is currently available for phones in the brand’s portfolio. The series includes budget and mid-range phones with premium designs. Also Read – Samsung announces deals on Galaxy S22 series phones, Galaxy Watch 4 and more for students in India

It looks like the same formula will now work for foldable phones. The new Galaxy A Fold series of foldable phones are expected to bring budget foldable devices so they can be available to more people. Read also – Samsung Galaxy Book2 360 review: one PC for all your needs

Also, Galaxy A series sales are better than S series according to the Korean source, however, Samsung might want to try to launch A series foldable phones.

On top of that, the price of the smartphone has also been leaked, ahead of any announcement from the brand. The price comes from the same source that leaked the A-series foldable phones.

Galaxy A Fold foldable phone price

According to ET News, Samsung’s budget foldable smartphone could be launched at a price of 1 million won (or around Rs 61,052 / $772). This price seems pretty fair for a Samsung foldable phone, as the brand’s top Galaxy Z Fold series is priced over Rs. 1,000,000.

But let’s not get excited because this price is probably for the Korean market. The price in other regions could be higher, including all taxes.

Besides the price, some key details of the Galaxy A foldable phones have been leaked. The A-series Fold won’t come with the ultra-thin glass layer like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Instead, Samsung may use a cheaper solution for its foldable technology.

Other specs of the foldable Galaxy A series will be toned down slightly. Unfortunately, no other details have yet been revealed.

Also, it’s currently unknown what the design of the Galaxy A series foldable phones will be. It could be like the full-size foldable form factor of the Z Fold 3 or the smaller form factor of the Z Flip 3.

The A-series of foldable phones aren’t coming anytime soon. The A series of foldable phones are expected to launch in 2024.

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