SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G is available only in 790! Grab offer soon

SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G: If you want to get a 5G phone with good features on a low budget, you have a good chance. You have the opportunity to buy the Samsung Galaxy F14 5G at a much cheaper price. You can buy the phone on a budget under Rs 15,000 through offers. The phone can be priced at Rs 790 after any offer. Inform us in detail about the offers available on it.

Huge discount

The Samsung Galaxy F14 5G was launched in March 2023. It is priced at Rs 18,490, but is listed on Flipkart at a discount of 16 percent, or Rs 3,000. The Samsung Galaxy F14 5G is priced at Rs 15,490 on Flipkart. In addition, other offers are included in the phone, thanks to which the price can be significantly reduced.

Bank offer

Samsung Galaxy F14 5G is also available on Flipkart with bank offers. If you pay with Flipkart Axis Bank Card, you can get up to 5% cashback. IndusInd Bank credit card can get up to 10 percent cashback on EMI transactions. While you can get 10 percent cashback by using Samsung Axis Bank credit card. Apart from this, prize refund or coupon up to Rs 3000 is part of the special prize.

Exchange offer

If you want to take the Samsung Galaxy F14 5G with the biggest discount, you can use the exchange offer available on Flipkart. You can get an exchange bonus of up to Rs 14,700 on the Galaxy F14 5G. To do this, you need to exchange a smartphone in good condition that is on the latest model list.

If you can take full advantage of this, the cost of the phone can be reduced by up to Rs 14,700. This way, a Rs 15,490 phone can cost you just Rs 790.

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