Samsung Galaxy S20 users with green ‘Line on display’ get free screen replacement

Galaxy S20 display issue

Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, which launched in 2020, returned to the limelight, but for some nefarious reason. Several Galaxy S20 users complained that their device was showing a vertical green line on the screen. The problem seemed to only affect some users at the time, but it still seems to persist and it affects several models of the S20 series. Fortunately, Samsung seems to recognize this display defect and is reportedly offering a free screen replacement for all Galaxy S20 series phones in Vietnam.

Galaxy S20 users in Vietnam get one-time free screen replacement

According to a Vietnamese publication (Going through), Tinh Te, Samsung has launched a unique free screen replacement program for Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra devices. This will be for models facing the vertical green line issue on the screen.

“There are few VOCs from customers regarding line display in their handset during out of warranty period without any physical damage or waterlogged sign. To support customers, it is decided to consider this issue for a single FOC replacement of the OCTA assembly with the battery in said model above until December 31, 2022,” notes a Galaxy S20+ User Service Manual.

This confirms that Galaxy S20+ users with this “Line on Display” issue will get a free screen replacement until December 31, 2022. Also, it will only be valid if the handset shows no other signs of damage. physical or water damage and is in the out-of-warranty phase. The post further reveals that not only the Galaxy S20+ but also the vanilla Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra also support the free screen replacement program.

While this is a great move by Samsung, it looks like it’s only limited to Vietnam, for now. Currently, it is unknown if this program is available in India, but we should find out soon, once we do, we will update the story.

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