Sanitizing Products: Manufacturing Advancement in Marketing



Sanitization has been an issue for ages. It has deeply ingrained in the Indian Society.  From the time of Mahatma Gandhi to date, this issue has been at its peak. 

From hygiene in Champaran to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and all the initiatives for cleanliness drive taken by the government and the advertising media, it has been evident how much our country has lagged in this particular field. During that era, neither sanitization held much importance nor sanitizing products. This was evidently due to a lack of awareness and also lack of necessity


But now, as the whole world has fallen into the deadly trap of the corona pandemic, everyone has understood the gravity of the threatening situation. 


In the past 40 years, the sale and manufacturing of the sanitizing products have not undergone any phenomenal change. Since Coronavirus is having a major impact in the disinfectant industry, the increasing demand for sanitizers and disinfectants, as a preventive measure against the pandemic, has resulted in changing the dynamic of the market. 


With this uprising issue, the demand for sanitization products has reached a peak and has broken all the records of history. And as analyzed and inspected by the marketing officials in the below graph, the demand would rapidly increase in the upcoming years. 



Due to this pandemic impact, sanitizing products have got a hold of the manufacturing market  but this doesn’t mean that all other product’s manufacturing and demand has got a drop. 


Because of the lockdown, unavailability of resources and contact terror, all the products are flying off the racks as they are being stockpiled. The manufacturers have started production in large quantities to meet the requirements of the consumers. 

This exponential demand will not decay with the passage of time, instead the market will face a steady demand even when the impact of COVID-19 has reduced. 


This is an era of hygiene management and sanitation which leads to the highest demand of sanitizing products. 


And due to the advancement in technology and awareness, most of the rural population which forms the bulk of the society, who are mainly illiterate and ignorant, have understood the importance of sanitation and have developed their mentality to do a great deal towards the well-being and safety of the entire human kind. 


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