Save WhatsApp messages from being deleted with this feature


New Delhi: WhatsApp has been testing it for a while and has finally started rolling out the “Keep Chat” feature to all users around the world. The feature can be used on Android and iOS WhatsApp versions. This feature can save chats and prevent them from being removed or deleted. The steps to use this feature are as follows:

  • First of all, this feature is not available in the latest version of WhatsApp. So WhatsApp must be updated before proceeding with further steps.
  • This feature is an extension of Disappearing Chats, so you need to enable “Disappearing Messages” feature to chat.
  • Also, the sender of the message can revoke the message you have saved.
  • Once the sender selects the “not saved” option, the message disappears from the bookmark on their smartphone and cannot be saved again.

Steps to save a message using WhatsApp Keep in Chat

  • Open the updated WhatsApp app on your phone
  • Now navigate to any chat that has Disappearing Message turned on
  • Then scroll through the chat and find the chat you want to save
  • Long press to bring up the options at the top and select the bookmark icon at the top next to the Delete icon.
  • The chat will then be bookmarked and a bookmark icon will appear.

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