First task to do just after rising from bed. Just come out of the bed, get fresh soon, and sit in silence for at least 15 minutes. For silence you need to practice meditation. Close  your eyes, sit calmly in the comfort, and try to listen to the noises of your internal body. This is among first Morning habits.


Once you have done silence practice, go to the next step of the Savers. That is affirmation. In this task, you have to repeat something motivating words at least 100 times. Like I am very confident, I will do my best.

I will be sharing a small poem with you separately to practice affirmation. Set your day’s goal and decide strictly to complete it by the day end.


Once you have successfully completed your affirmation, just imagine your goals, and think that you have completed the goals. Also, think what will you do once your goal is completed. Suppose, you have a goal to get a government engineer job. Then you have to think that you have got a good government job, and you are very happy. You have bought your favourite dress, you have purchased a good car, a beautiful house. You have got good money savings. You are enjoying your job and lifestyle. 


After completing visualizations. The most important thing that comes into daily schedule is to do exercise. You can do any exercise like skipping, stretching, running, pranayam, etc at least 20 minutes. It will freshen your mind and give your energy for the whole day.


This morning phase of reading is the most important session for whole day.When I say reading, in Savers, it does not mean that you have to read only course material here. This session means to increase your knowledge, confidence, and all tricks and tips to improve your life experiences. Here you can read newspapers, motivational books, success stories, general knowledge, motivational videos, and so on. 


Once you have done with all five sessions. You have to write your thoughts, goals or plans for the day or week. You can also write your thinking, your feelings, timetable and plan. 

Hope you liked the description. If you will follow all these Morning Habits, your life will take you to the new directions.

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