SC slams private medical schools for ‘unjustified’ tuition hikes


New Delhi: The Supreme Court said education is not a business to make a profit while upholding the Andhra Pradesh High Court ruling which ruled that the state government could not pay annual tuition fees for MBBS courses at private medical colleges without support can increase to 24 rupees.

Judges MR Shah and MM Sundresh heard the case Monday, in which they said the state’s decision to increase college tuition in 2017 was unjustifiable. The most recent increase was seven times higher compared to the tuition increase in 2011.

The bank said: “Increasing the fee to 24 lakhs, which is seven times the fee previously set, was totally unjustifiable. Education is not the business to make a profit. The tuition fee should always be affordable,” quotes Bar and Bench.

In addition, the court charged the state government and the complaining medical school Rs 2.5 lakh each.

The court has also ordered the medical schools to refund the extra money taken from students after the tuition hike.

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