Send high quality images to your WhatsApp contacts


New Delhi: In India, it is almost impossible to imagine chatting without WhatsApp. It is the most popular instant messaging app in India, allowing more than 390 million users to use the app.

The quality of the rendered image will deteriorate to the point of losing its luster. Over the past few months, the Meta-owned app has improved its media sharing service, so now you can get rid of bad image compression.

WhatsApp has a tool that allows you to send images with the best quality. Basically what it does is send images with a slightly better quality than what it sends by default. The best quality of WhatsApp is not the same as the original, but it is definitely better.

Here’s how to turn on this option so that you can send all the photos in better quality in the future.

– Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

Now go to Storage and Data and go to the ‘Media Download Quality’ option.

– Image upload quality should be set to Automatic

– You can change the quality to “best quality”

There is also an option to send low-quality images, which allows you to continue sending low-quality images. But if you are still not convinced by the quality of the photos, there is another option. It’s more like a hack that requires a little extra effort.

Instead of sending the images in their own format, you can send the images as documents on WhatsApp. The chat application has the ability to send files to your chats. These files can be anything from a document to a PowerPoint presentation.

But they can also be image files. To send photos as documents, select Documents instead of clicking Gallery. Tap it to open your phone’s file explorer, with the ability to browse your phone’s photos, as well as cloud storage like iCloud and Google Photos. You can choose one or more photos to send in original quality.

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