SEO Trends For 2020 – Effective In your Company


This applies to search engine optimization because Google makes changes all year round. Webmasters who want to keep their rankings and hits (and even earn more) are always looking for new ways to identify new SEO trends and beat their competitors. And now it’s time to end in 2019, it’s time to ask yourself: What can we expect from SEO in 2020? Some of the major things that we will see in the future are given below:


1. Voice Search Dominance

The list opens with a publicly visible entry. It’s hard not to do that when there’s too much talk about it! As the mobile internet grows, we are moving away from the old orthodox spelling. Teach us to understand the language of our computers, the subject of the future. And the path to this bright future is Voice Search SEO.


2. Video optimization

Voice search is not the only SEO trend that is common on the Internet. There are also videos. They are becoming a popular information tool. This makes them an important source of customer traffic if you use them wisely. Your videos must be perfect for ranking on YouTube, but they must be carefully optimized for selected keywords.


3. Mobile-first indexing

Google launched its first mobile guide in 2019. How it works Simply put, websites are now rated on the quality of the UX they offer on mobile devices. If a site has mobile and desktop versions, the directory adds the mobile version. If only the desktop version is available, it is usually indexed.


4. Improve quality content

Content is king, and quality content leads to a high ranking on Google. this is common knowledge. It’s easy to remember who the content is for: users. When they do a Google search, they’re hoping to find something that matches 100% of their needs and more. You can only prepare content that does this for search purposes.


5. Protection of user data

Online security is very important – and fortunately, those in power take it seriously. Earlier this year, the EU adopted the General Data Protection Regulation, which gives users better control over the private information used by websites. While this increases the security of user data, there are, of course, many vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious third parties.


6. Simple user experience

The user experience on a website can run or block the size of any company. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to continue to use their websites will do their best to provide a silky smooth user interface. This means an easy to understand, intuitive design, short loading times and absolutely no technical problems. A website gives a better impression of the company ads. Never let your most powerful assets affect your reputation.


7. Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology makes the Internet more secure and has become increasingly popular lately. Webmasters are looking for ways to integrate and potentially exploit websites. The use of search engine optimization is used to control blockchain memories. We can see the fruits of her work in 2020.


8. Impressive marketing

It’s always great to have important evidence for you. Especially in the business world where there is a lot of competition and you want people to know that they are at least there. What tricks do companies use to gain an advantage? There’s a lot to list, but one of the most popular is to add an impressive one to your marketing campaign. To do this, you must first connect to an impressor. Fortunately, almost everyone uses social media. Just find a way to confirm your activity


9. Long and detailed content

Everyone can agree that the more time you spend on your website, the better it will be. Longer content takes more time, so this seems to be the ideal solution. In reality, size doesn’t matter. You can’t just expect users to be satisfied with their size. However, websites on the first page of Google usually contain more than 2000 words. If secrets do not match the length of the content, the depth and quality are logically preserved.


10. Artificial intelligence

AI technology has great potential. Not surprisingly, companies are actively looking for ways to use them in their business. The same applies to Google. When Google learns how it works, it inevitably affects SEO. As an example of how artificial intelligence can be integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm, you’ll find websites that use Black Hat SEO more effectively.

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