‘Set up industry in Bihar’: CM Nitish Kumar launches textile and leather policy


Saurabh Kumar, Patna: To woo the investors, the Bihar government is now busy launching new policies and new schemes. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar launched the Textile and Leather Policy on Wednesday. The government hopes that this step will not only increase the interest of investors in Bihar but will also lead to large scale investments in the state. The picture of Bihar’s migration, unemployment, terror should change and the people who have gone out should return. Now in this effort, the Bihar government has made a new beginning among the investors in Patna today.

Now factories will be set up: Shahnawaz

Textile and Leather Policy 2022 has been launched with the intention to invite people and investors who have gone out of Bihar to come back. Under this, the government has also announced many incentive facilities to increase investment in the state. State Industries Minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain said that to promote the textile and leather industry in Bihar, we have prepared the best policy of the country. Under this policy, a provision has been made for various incentives including capital grant, employment grant, power grant, freight grant, patent grant, so that traders and industrialists associated with the textile and leather industry across the country will be encouraged to set up industries in Bihar. And Bihar will be able to become the hub of textile and leather industries of the country.

The new policies will prove to be very helpful for the industrial units. In this, interest subsidy of up to 10 percent on loan, 100 percent rebate on SGST, skill development grant of 20 thousand rupees per employee per year to all eligible units, 100 percent rebate on stamp duty/registration, 100 percent on land conversion as well. There are many provisions like exemption which will encourage the establishment of industrial units in Bihar. Investors who arrived on this special occasion were also very excited.

Work is going on fast in the industry department due to Shahnawaz Hussain: Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who arrived on this occasion, looked very happy but there was more doubt in him. He said that we ensure that investors give suggestions, we will help in every possible way. Whether it is a matter of land or money, will help the most. No one has to go out. We tried a lot earlier also but nothing happened, now things are progressing fast. He said, Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain has also worked very hard. Met people across the country. We would like them to roam around the country like this and call people. Here people will now get a chance to work. Nitish Kumar said that due to Shahnawaz Hussain, the work is being done fast in the industry department. For the investors, electricity in Bihar has been made at Rs 2 a unit. 5 thousand will be given as a grant to the employees for five years.

first published:June 8, 2022, 7:26 p.m.

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