Seydu Musiwala brings together India and Pakistan


New Delhi: Ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 He was giving a lot of moments of joy to the Indian squad, especially the weightlifting, but an incident in Birmingham will melt the hearts of many.

Late Punjabi singer Seydu Musiwala brought the two rivals, India and Pakistan, together. Muhammad Noah Dastgir Pat of Pakistan and Indian athlete Gurdip Singh celebrated their victory by dancing to Musiwala songs.

Pat earned Pakistan’s first gold at CWG 2022. Gurdip won the 10th bronze medal in weightlifting for India. The two players danced together to Birmingham songs Seydu Musiwala in the background.

Seydu Musiwala brings together India and Pakistan

“Gordeep and I were very good friends. After the gold medal, I congratulated Gordeep at first, after which we had a small celebration where we danced to Musiwala’s songs”, the media quoted Noah.

Pat discusses their friendship by saying, “When I saw the news of Seidu Musiwala’s death, I texted Gordeep to confirm. In my home gym, where I train, I played songs like Jatt Da Muqabla and the recently released song 295 to set the pace for my training.”

I visited India twice and competed in Pune and Guwahati. The kind of love that India has given me, no other country has ever given me. I have more fans from India than Pakistan in the weightlifting community. When I was leaving the hotel in Guwahati, the staff and volunteers were crying. It made me feel emotional.”

Noah’s father, Ghulam Dastgir Bhatt, who was himself a weightlifter, spoke of the love he got from India by saying, “I am surprised when people talk that India and Pakistan are born enemies. How much love and respect India has given me, we also love Indian players and Hindustan too. I often talk to my Indian friends like Manjit Singh and ex-Secretary of the Indian Weightlifting Federation Balbir Singh. In fact, my day starts with reading ‘Good morning’ messages.”

Gurdip offered some insight into their friendship by saying, “Noh and I first met at the junior tournaments six years ago and are going to share some tips on diet. Obviously speaking Punjabi helped our friendship.”

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This shows how both of them were born on different sides of the Indo-Pakistan border but their friendship transcends all boundaries.

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