Shalin Bhanot is the eye candy of OG this season…


New Delhi: In the Bigg Boss 16 house there is a push around the amount of protein intake that Shalin Bhanot has rightly demanded. We’ve decoded the reason, and you need look no further than her perfect body. Even Bigg Boss leaves no chance to get Shalin out of his shirt.

Just like in Bollywood, Varun Dhawan has a great reputation for going shirtless (as told by his colleagues on Karan Johar’s chat show), Bigg Boss 16 now has its official sweet spot.

Here are 5 times Shalin Bhanot broke the internet this season

1. The first task involved the inmates receiving a call from a famous actor who pretended to give the contestants the task, clearly Shalin was asked to take off his clothes and find himself in the pool, not a but three times. It was the first time Shalin went shirtless on Indian television and Twitter was abuzz with some crazy reactions from female fans.

2. The second time, Shalin grabbed everyone’s attention when she helped Soundarya work out at the gym while shirtless. It wasn’t entirely controversial, but it did raise some temperatures.

3. Another scene where you see Shalin doing some dance yoga in the garden area as everyone stares and cheers with their jaws dropped.

4. Later, when Karan Johar was the guest host over the weekend, he made a special request for Shalin to wear the shirt and pullover of a Ranveer Singh from Nagada. Netizens, especially female fans, could not keep their cool after that performance.

5. Even during the Hostel task, Shalin went shirtless showing off his chiseled body which earned him brownie points.

In the last 15 seasons of the show, we have seen models, last year Zeeshan walked around shirtless. But we haven’t seen an actor comfortable in his own skin like Shalin who takes his workout even indoors quite seriously and takes good care of his diet.

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