Shalin Bhanot reacted to Abdu asking his family…


New Delhi: Ever since Bigg Boss 16 hit the television screen, the first confirmed contestant Abdu Rozik has become the favorite of the netizens. From her singing to cute gestures, the audience loves everything. Apparently he’s also a favorite of BB’s housemates.

But amidst the ongoing dramas and fights, netizens looked at Shalin Bhanot’s comment on Abdu and it looks like the Twitteratis are not entirely happy about it. In the last episode, Shalin asked Abdu if his mother, father and brother are tall or the same height as Abdu. Abdu replied that all members of his family, including his parents, sister and younger brother, are tall. “It’s just me bro,” he added.

Shalin’s questioning of Abdu Rozik’s family member’s height has not been appreciated by netizens. Several social media users saw it as an insensitive move. “#ShalinBhanot should have avoided this question at least now. You could have asked later when you both were on good terms talking or with a strong bond of friendship. You hardly talk to him and ask such a sensitive question right away, really bad,” read one of the tweets.

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Meanwhile, singer Tajikiatani makes fun of Archana, while he sleeps in her bed. Abdu was heard saying that the zombies will eat her at night.

A video shows Abdu hugging Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta before they all go to sleep. He then comes to actress and politician Archana Gautam and tells her that since she is sleeping in his bed, the zombies will eat her. “And at night, you’ll see zombies. You’re sleeping in my bed. Zombies will come and eat,” he says.

Netizens found Abdu Rozik’s statement cute and praised him for his cuteness. One tweets: “Abdu waiting for Arkana to see a zombie in her dream is killing me.”

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