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New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 (BB 16) is gaining more and more popularity as the days go by. With hard fights and clever plans, each participant gives each other a fierce competition. Meanwhile, during the captaincy task, Shalin Bhanot pressures Archana Gautam, causing a major uproar between the two.

On Monday, ColorsTV shared a new promo from BB 16 on its Twitter handle. The promo video shows how Shiv Thakare and Gautam Singh Vig compete in the captain task. Both contestants were seen with a basket upside down while others were supposed to be holding things on their baskets.

Meanwhile, we see Shalin Bhanot carrying a suitcase and walking towards Shiv. As he is leaving, Archana stops Shalin and we see the latter pushing Archana with the suitcase.

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Archana gets angry at this and demands justice from Bigg Boss. Archana Gautam looks into the camera and says, “Sanchalak Shah show se bahaar jaana chahiye.” We also see other participants arguing about this incident. The whole incident causes a huge uproar in the BB house.

The creator shared the promo with the caption: “Ghar mein hua jung ka mahaul aakhir captaincy paane ke liye kis hadd tak jaa sakte hai yeh candidates? Dekhiye #BiggBoss16 Mon-Fri raat 10 baje aur Sat-Sun raat 9.30 baje, sirf #Colors par. Anytime on @voot.”

It must be mentioned that earlier during a captaincy between Shalin and Nimrit Ahluwalia, Shiv used heavy Dumbles to place it in Shalin’s basket. This angered the actor and Shalin’s move comes as revenge.

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