Shalin Bhanot’s obsession with chicken infuriates…


New Delhi: The game of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is getting really interesting day by day. Day 34 of Bigg Boss 16 brought an exciting race for the captaincy. Meanwhile, Shalin Bhanot’s constant demand for chicken angers Bigg Boss as he calls Shalin into the confession room.

Shalin Bhanot begs relentlessly to send him extra chicken. To which Bigg Boss replies that they will not give him extra chicken as the home ration is already provided. But Shalin’s obsession with chicken makes him ask for the same thing again, which angers Bigg Boss.

He tells Shalin that the ration will be sent according to everyone’s protein intake and dietician’s suggestion. Bigg Boss ends the conversation by telling Shalin that they will send enough chicken to the house and she will have to earn it by asking MC Stan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

As soon as Shalin returns from the confessional, the housemates target her for her obsession. Archana tells Big Boss why Shalin is called here; that he only came here to complain about chicken. Sumbul, Tina comforts Shalin.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss calls Tina Dutta in the confession room. Big Boss asks him to come out of the house due to some personal reason. As she returns to the house, Tina begins to cry inconsolably. While trying to comfort Shalin and Nimri, Tina reveals that her dog Rani is no more.

Bigg Boss 16: The old captains were given this responsibility

‘Bigg Boss 16’ tasked old captains for the first time. Bigg-Boss said, “The members who were captains earlier will choose the new captain of the house and that power has been given to Gautam Vig, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thackeray. After that, all the contestants started convincing the trio that they can do better in the show and get a chance to do better in the game.

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