Dehradun: A case has come to light in Ranipur Kotwali where he tortured a married woman for dowry and shamed the relationship for raping her father-in-law. The police ignored the victim’s complaint. This was challenged in court. After this, the police filed a criminal report on the order of the court.

According to the information received, the case is from Garh Meerpur village. The victim told the police investigation that her family members had given dowry based on their financial status, but the in-laws were not satisfied.

Her Jeth and Jethani started harassing her just a few days after marriage. The husband also supported family members.

The victim alleged that her father-in-law sexually abused and raped her after the dowry demand was not met.

According to the victim, he went to the police, but did not file a report. Then he knocked on the courthouse door.

On Wednesday, the police initiated a criminal complaint against the accused based on a court order. The matter is now being investigated by the police.


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